The Importance of Using Genuine Honda OEM Parts

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You’ll want to keep your new, used, or certified pre-owned VIP Honda vehicle in perfect condition for many years. Fortunately, this could be as easy as using OEM components. While aftermarket parts are available, only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts will work properly with your vehicle. Through this, VIP Honda’s car service technicians can provide information on OEM auto parts.

Read on to discover the importance of using genuine Honda OEM parts.

What to Know about Genuine Honda Parts


  • The Cost


Honda OEM parts are not usually more expensive than aftermarket parts. They do, however, employ standard parts for all Honda models across the globe. The bulk of rivals’ common replacement components are less priced.


  • The Quality and Consistency


It must be known that authentic Honda parts are always consistently displaying high standards. Genuine Honda Parts are dependable and long-lasting. Genuine Honda Parts are guaranteed to work properly.


  • The Assurance


When you buy original car parts, it should not feel like you are gambling your money away, or getting a good deal now and maybe getting a bad deal later on. Genuine Honda components remove all doubt. For example, your mechanic will repair it with an original Honda component after yours have been damaged.


  • The Official Warranty


With genuine OEM parts, know that they are warranty-backed. Simply put, Honda only covers OEM parts. A third-party failure or damage could void your warranty.

What You Can Get from Using Honda OEM Parts

OEM components come directly from the manufacturer and are guaranteed to work with your vehicle. Although aftermarket parts are less expensive, they can degrade your vehicle’s performance. Here’s what you can get from Honda OEM parts:


  • Perfection


When you buy a Honda product, you’ll get an exact fit. Honda’s designers and engineers build each car with every component in mind. Use a genuine Honda item.


  • Quality-Assured


Genuine Honda components guarantee quality. When you purchase Honda parts from a dealership, you will receive help as well as a warranty.


  • Ease of Access


Obtaining genuine Honda components is simpler than ordering aftermarket components. Your Honda dealership will sell genuine Honda components.

Genuine Honda Parts and Accessories Your Car Needs

Honda accessories, in addition to OEM parts, can improve the appearance, performance, functionality, and versatility of your vehicle. Honda’s accessories include:


  • Wipers


Windshield wipers improve visibility in bad weather. These components deteriorate quickly and must be replaced on a regular basis.


  • Outside Mirrors


Collisions can cause outside mirrors to be damaged or destroyed. These can be replaced at a Honda dealership in your region.


  • Anti-Elements Floor Mats


This accessory protects your car from snow, ice, rain, and other factors.


  • Roof Mount Bike Attachment


To ride, you must first install a Honda Roof Mount Bike Attachment. This Honda connection is perfect.


One of the biggest purchases you will make in your life is a vehicle that can take you and your family to places. Indeed, cars are essential for our daily commute needs. Thus, only use your Honda with genuine parts. This way, your car can last for a long time as you use it day in and day out.

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