The radio in my Honda has a security code, and I had to disconnect the battery in my car in order for a repair to be performed. I cannot find the security code card for my radio and now it will not work. What do I have to do to get my radio to work again?

First, you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you keep the card with the radio security code in a safe place, where you can find it. If you cannot locate the card with the code, you should check with the dealership where your vehicle was originally sold. They MAY have kept a record of the radio code. If not, to obtain the radio code we need to know the serial number of your radio. If your Honda is a recent model, your Honda dealership may be able to obtain the radio serial number from the display on the front of the radio. However, if your Honda is an older model, the dealership will have to take the radio out of the instrument panel, and call Honda Canada to obtain the radio code. You will likely have to pay your dealer a fee to remove and replace the radio, as this is not covered by warranty. For security reasons, Honda Customer Relations will not provide a radio code over the telephone; it can only be provided to an authorized Honda dealership.