If I move to the United States with my Canadian Honda, will the manufacturer’s warranty be valid in the U.S.?

Technically, as is stated in the Warranty Guide that is provided in the glove box of every vehicle sold, the manufacturer’s warranty provided by Honda Canada Inc. is only valid for vehicles that are “normally operated in Canada”. However, American Honda will provide warranty coverage for the applicable warranty period if you fax or mail the following documents before you move to the United States:

  • A copy of a current Canadian driver’s license to show proof of Canadian residency
  • A copy of the Canadian Bill of Sale, which must have the VIN, selling dealer name, and engine number
  • A copy of the Canadian permanent vehicle registration. Temporary registration is not acceptable.
  • A copy of the current vehicle registration in the United States.

You must contact American Honda Automobile Customer Relations (1-800-999-1009) to determine if the above applies in your specific case, and if the warranty provided by Honda Canada Inc. can be applied to your situation.