Honda showcased projects with startup companies LEIA and VocalZoom at CES 2017, continuing their pursuit of open innovation and collaboration. They are collaborating with the Honda Xcelerator, as these two innovators’ technologies are aiming to revolutionize the in-cabin experience.

So what are these teams exactly for? Honda Xcelerator is an open innovation program that is designed to control collaboration between technology startups and global Honda. It offers funding for prototyping, workspace and pairing with Honda mentors. LEIA is a technology spin-off from Hewlett-Packard developing a Lightfield display technology system for holographic and virtual reality applications. They aspire to get their first devices to consumers by the end of 2017. VocalZoom supplies Human-to-Machine Communication sensors that deliver a voice-controlled user experience that is natural, personalized and secure. They focus on accuracy and reliability that include mobile secure payments, headsets and wearables, mobile phones, access control, smart home solutions and hands-free automotive control.

Together, Honda Xcelerator and LEIA have created a new 3D driver display demonstration that utilizes nanotechnology to provide transitions between different viewing angles for driver assist systems. VocalZoom has focused on working with Honda Xcelerator to apply its optical microphone technology to improve voice interaction from inside the cabin.

Dennis Clark, strategic alliance lead at Honda Xcelerator says, “We’re flexible, innovator friendly, and look for unique opportunities to work closely with partners to co-create and showcase advanced technology. Our focus at CES is to showcase our work with two of our partners–LEIA and VocalZoom–to apply their unique technologies to enhance the in-car experience.”

With technology rapidly moving forward every year, Honda is focused on keeping up with the trend and making a statement with its vehicles. For more information, visit to learn about our Toronto Honda dealership and Honda events and special offers. #FormulaHondaOntario is looking forward to carrying these vehicles once they are released.