Our #FormulaHonda staff of Toronto knows what a good whiskey drink can do for someone’s day. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best whiskey bars in Toronto for you to visit by yourself or with your friends.

The Caledonian

This Scottish pub has a fantastic whiskey selection along with a good selection of food. This bar features a setup that provides a different private experience whenever you sit in a new location. This privacy makes for a very unique experience for each patron as they don’t feel like they are sitting on top of other customers. A secluded back patio is also available for use for outdoor privacy and smoking.

CC Lounge & Whisky Bar

The CC Lounge goes way back into the Prohibition era. This bar is located downtown and features a broad selection of whisky with over 100 different labels. CC’s best selection are Canadian and U.S. whiskies with more than 40 Canadian whisky selections alone. CC’s keeps up with the 1920s theme by serving whisky flights in the hidden “Whisky Tunnel.”


If it were up to us, Allen’s would feature in every neighborhood in the world. They like to call themselves an “Irish-inspired saloon” because of all the things they do well. Their burger is easily one of the best in the city and their annual celebration of steak should be on every meat lovers wish list.


SpiritHouse is located at Portland and Adelaide and it is the trendiest weekend playground around. While it can get very busy during the weekends, the dim interior brings a lull throughout the crowd that you won’t find anywhere else. An emphasis on cocktails is apparent, including competitions, classes and workshops for customers to partake in. Their six different flights of scotch are a great way to get a taste for some of the finest alcohol in the world.

These fantastic whiskey bars are yours to discover! Our #FormulaHonda staff encourages you to get out and explore all that Toronto has to offer. Our Toronto Honda dealership also offers service that has availability to a full selection of Honda service parts that can be used for your vehicle. For more information, visit our website at