Are you looking to make your Honda a more environmentally friendly vehicle? Here at Formula Honda of Toronto, we have created four steps to help your vehicle become more green. Our trained staff has assembled these tips over years of practice and hard work. Feel free to schedule a service appointment on our website at to meet our #FormulaHonda staff and get your vehicle serviced.

  1. Follow a vehicle service schedule to keep your car maintained and properly running so that is performs with maximum efficiency. Doing regular checks yourself on engine performance, tire inflation, air filters, oil level and gas cap security will help reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  2. Rather than giving into the urge of a new vehicle, try to keep your current vehicle and extra two years. The reason is because limiting the number of new cars you buy over the course of your lifetime is eco-friendly. Taking normal care of your vehicle is easy and will extend the life of your vehicle. You’ll gain years of reliable service without the monthly car payments. Bringing your Honda to our service technicians will definitely extend the life of your vehicle and will be worth your time.
  3. Recycling automotive materials is important in doing your part for a green lifestyle. You can help protect the planet by taking care to recycle or properly dispose of motor oil, tires, batteries and other automotive fluids.
  4. Get your engine repowered. An engine that’s been reworked can give your vehicle new life and increase efficiency throughout the vehicle. Our trained staff will work to make use of our Honda service parts and get your engine running like new.

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