Our #FormulaHonda of Toronto staff enjoys letting loose every once in awhile over a cocktail. We have even developed a special affinity for certain cocktails around town that you won’t find anywhere else. So sit back, relax and take a dive into our favorite drinks in town!

The Maleficent

The opening of Figures was a welcome addition to Yorkville and to cocktail lovers. It has the appearance of a comic book store from the outside but the cocktails are no joke. The Maleficent is the best here, with double still rye, single malt scotch whiskey, pineapple, lime, sage, bitters and activated charcoal to give it an inky hue.

Pisco Passion

You may have dabbled in Peruvian food, but how about Peruvian cocktails? That is what’s in store with the Pisco Passion at the Ritz Bar (inside the Ritz Carlton) of Toronto. It blends Peru’s beloved brandy, fruit puree, simple syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice that is then chilled using liquid nitrogen.

Blood Magic

Ever thought a Harry Potter themed bar was a reality? Well it turns out there is one in Toronto and they serve great cocktails to boot. The special potion here is the Blood Magic that fuses Crown Royale rye, vermouth, cherry and Angostura bitters to make a drink that grown up Muggles would enjoy.

The Caesar

The Maple Leaf Tavern, formerly the home of the Maple Leaf Hotel, is a renovated space that now features a strong cocktail lineup. The standout being the Caesar that has house-made vegetable-clam juice, fresh dill, gin and coriander salt. If you wanted to imagine what drinking a alcohol-infused garden would taste like then this may be your best bet.

These great selections should help you find more fantastic cocktail locations that are scattered around Toronto. Our Toronto Honda dealership hopes that you also consider giving our Honda dealership a visit as well. While we don’t serve cocktails, we do service any Honda vehicle needs. You can check out our selection of Honda vehicles or Honda service parts. For more information, visit our website at