Formula Honda of #Toronto is always working to ensure customer satisfaction and we know that saving at the pump will always put a smile on our customers faces. Our service department is always available for maintenance checks and service needs but our tips today will be regarding saving on gas money. Our suggestion is to never let your gas tank fall below ¼ full.

Why Is This Important?

Everyone has seen the gas light flick on when we forget to check our gas tank after a while. It’s a common mistake but it turns out that it is more costly than first known. Running on low fuel often can wear out the fuel pump, caused by more air entering the fuel pump to expose it to wear. Dirt also starts to accumulate in the bottom of the gas tank that can get transferred to the fuel line and through the engine. Dirty gas is never good and can cause damage throughout the engine, causing the need for repairs.

Risk Of Being Stranded

Emergency situations can test your preparation habits. If you are running low on gas then you can be thrust into life-threatening situations if you run out of gas in a bad storm or in a dangerous location. Building up a habit of a keeping a full tank will allow you to avoid these sorts of situations.

Formula Honda Service

Here at Toronto Honda, our trained service staff is constantly updated on the latest Honda changes. This constant training allows us to utilize our array of Honda service parts to take on any challenge that rolls into the shop. We ensure that our work is done the right way no matter what and we love to offer our customers with tips to avoid similar situations down the road. You can give us a call at (855) 352-2680 or you can visit our website at for more information regarding service.