Protecting your vehicle from harm is extremely important when owning a vehicle. But if you don’t know the warning signs, how are you supposed to know what’s running right and what’s wrong? Our #FormulaHonda of Toronto staff is here to help you with any of your service needs and have suggested a few things to listen for.

  1. Coin in a clothes dryer

This kind of noise could be a loose lug nut inside your hub cap. This more than likely means your wheel wasn’t tightened properly the last time it was worked on.

  1. Squealing, grinding or growling brakes

Your brake pads may need to be replaced if you are hearing this noise, if they grind or growl, get them checked immediately. The source of the noise comes from metal touching metal, a sign of extreme wear and tear.

  1. Clicking when turning

For both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive, this could mean one or both of the constant velocity (CV) joints on your front axle will need to be fixed.

  1. Squeaking as you accelerate

Also for both rear-wheel or four-wheel drive, the universal joint (U-joint) may need to be checked out. The U-joint is found in pairs and are components of the driveshaft.

  1. Howling, whining noise

This typically indicates that your bearings are not doing their job. Bearings help parts rotate smoothly throughout your vehicle.

  1. Banging under the hood

Potentially a serious problem with valves, connecting rods or pistons. You should seek immediate service if experiencing this.

  1. Squealing under the hood when starting-up or accelerating

A sound like this could be from worn or loose accessory belts that work with the power steering pump, air conditioner compressor and alternator. Newer vehicles with this noise usually indicates problems with the serpentine belt and that is easy and cheap to fix.

If you are noticing any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to bring your Honda into our Formula Honda dealership. Our highly trained staff has access to all the best Honda service parts to care for your vehicle. Our Toronto Honda service staff works with you to help you prevent vehicular issues down the road and can diagnose and fix any issue in a pinch. For more information, visit our website at