Formula Honda of Toronto’s staff loves to indulge in the restaurant scene of Toronto. Many of us appreciate great food, especially at a price of less than $20. Thankfully in such a diverse city like Toronto, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Vesuvio’s Pizzeria & Spaghetti House

Toronto is no stranger to pizza but Vesuvio’s stands out due to their $2.50 deal on the rectangular pepperoni slice. It’s just oily enough to not overtake the whole slice, and the crispy crust combines with the curled and browned pepperonis to make this pizza stand out from the rest.

Randy’s Take-Out

The perfect place to start your pub crawl with your friends, Randy’s is is a well known destination of the Eglinton and Oakwood strip. Their patties are among the best, as well as their chicken version, and it makes for a great share with friends.

Sun’s Kitchen

Noodles are an endless classic of cheap eating. We all have been in a situation of opting for the cheap noodles when shopping for food. Sun’s Kitchen hand-makes their noodles and serves them in soup form. The go-to order of the spicy dan dan noodles are the perfect combination of chewy and comfortable.

Crown Pastries

This is the perfect restaurant if you are looking for just dessert. Crown is run by the Alsalha family who are Syrian ex-pats from Aleppo who ventured to Canada nearly a decade ago. They have several shapes of baklava, as well as sweet and savoury cakes that will make everyone happy.

These great cheap eats are out in Toronto for you to discover, and our #FormulaHondaFamily hopes that this list helps you find the place just for you. Our staff also invites you to visit our Toronto Honda dealership, as we have the best selection of Honda vehicles and Honda service parts to cater to all of our customers needs. For more information, visit our website at