Spring is here and that means summer is just around the corner! Now is a great time to visit Formula Honda of Toronto for a service appointment with our certified service technicians to make sure you air conditioning is working right. All you may need is for us to recharge your system with the R-134A. When you feel the cold air coming from your vents again it will all be worth it! Our great selection of the best Honda service parts makes sure that we have all the tools to work on your vehicle.

How It Works

Your air conditioning system works by removing the hot air from inside your vehicle and blowing it back out to you at your desired temperature to get the cabin just how you like it. The compressor, condenser, evaporator, metering device, hoses and R-134A refrigerant are all the components in your vehicle that make this work. The compressor spins, pressurizing the refrigerant which produces the cold air you desire and the faster the compressor spins, the colder the air is.

Identifying Issues

The first thing our service technicians will do when you bring your vehicle in is to check for the amount of pressure in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. If it is below the threshold it needs to be at, then we will add refrigerant and check again. Further issues indicate a leak in the air conditioning system or a faulty compressor. That is no problem to us, as we can diagnose and solve these issues quickly and without any trouble.

Prepare For Summer

Other things our trained staff can do to prepare your air conditioning for summer is to lubricate the compressor to make it last longer. Replacing the compressor is not out of the realm of possibilities, but it is something to avoid as it can be very expensive. Our #FormulaHondaFamily wants you to enjoy Summer with a properly working A/C system. You deserve to keep yourself, friends and pets comfortable in your vehicle when driving around town.

Our staff welcomes you to visit our Toronto Honda dealership where we are proud to represent Honda. Our staff will be open to help you with any problems you may have, whether you are in the market for a new vehicle or are looking for service. For more information, visit our website at