One of the most cherished accomplishments in life is obtaining your college degree. For many, this means relocating and opening a new chapter of their life. An important factor for this new time in a college graduate’s life is securing their vehicle for the near future. Formula Honda of Toronto runs a special offer for college graduates that allows you to save $500 on any 2016 or newer Honda vehicle.


Requirements For Our Special

Celebrating such a huge achievement is one of our very few requirements to qualify for this special. The only other requirements are proof of employment (or a firm commitment from an employer), having graduated in the past two years or graduating in the next six months, providing a Honda dealer with credit and document requirements and no adverse credit history.


Other Benefits

Along with our initial offer of $500 savings, you also have the option to defer the first payment for 90 days. This is a great opportunity to build your credit up, one of the most important things a young adult can do. Honda also offers flexible and competitive finance and lease packages that you won’t find anywhere else from any other brand.
Check With Formula Honda

Feel free to come visit our Toronto Honda dealer to see if you qualify for this amazing offer. Our #FormulaHonda staff would love to help you in any way possible and as the premier Honda dealer Canada, we would love to help our fellow 2017 graduates. On behalf of our staff, congratulations on graduating college and grinding through such a challenge. We wish you the best of luck in the future! For more information, visit