One of the most important components of your vehicle are the shocks and struts. They are responsible for keeping the tires on the road for the best grip possible. They also work to keep your vehicle from bottoming out when going over potholes. Keeping your shocks and struts in good condition is important and our #FormulaHonda staff of Toronto will make sure that your vehicle is in top condition.


How Shocks Operate

Shocks force hydraulic fluid through valves in the piston as it moves up and down for resistance. Resistance to movement in the vehicle happens because the fluid can’t be compressed, so only a limited amount can get through the valves.


Identifying Replacement

Naturally, the components of your vehicle will wear over time but there are strategies to limit that wear. Shocks typically operate in a hostile under-vehicle environment where ice, snow and gravel can begin to affect performance. The type of conditions and style of driving you do has an impact on the life of your vehicle’s shocks. Flying gravel can fly up and damage the piston rod allowing dirt to damage the piston seal. It is best to try and drive on smooth roads as much as you can.


Warning Signs

Keeping an eye out for the signs of damage is important for the safety of yourself and your vehicle. Are you noticing more bouncing when going over a railroad crossing? Is your vehicle rocking when you have to aggressively apply the brakes? Is your vehicle swaying when switching lanes? All of these are indicators that you need service on your vehicle.


Formula Honda Service

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