Honda is no stranger to innovation and they’ve done it again with the redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan that arrives this spring. Two models will be available with the an industry first 10-speed automatic transmission with front wheel drive.


The gearbox is both lightweight and compact and was on display at WCX17, SAE International’s annual conference. This new invention will put Honda at the top of the totem pole in fuel economy for its segment.


Tom Sladek, Honda’s powertrain development leader, explains how in six years of development, Honda engineers in Japan worked to reduce the size of the 10-speed so that it would fit in the frame of the Odyssey. Sladek added that the engineers were focused on the clutches and the output gear the most to help create the compact transmission.


Sladek states, “First, we were able to take the typical wet clutch and one-way clutch and put them in one component. And that saved about 25mm of packaging space. The other is a combination internal/external gear – which internally we call gear-on-gear – essentially what is the output gear, and internal to that we have a ring gear from one of the planetary sets. That alone is able to save 45mm of packaging space.”


When driving at 70 mph, the engine runs at 1560 rpm, therefore boosting fuel economy and reducing engine noise. It also has the capability to skip gears on downshifts, but that depends on driver input.


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