As you continue to drive your car over time, the toll from normal usage starts to damage the structure of your vehicle. Eventually uneven terrain and minor kinks chip at your tires and suspension enough to make your vehicle rock and sway more than normal. Keeping your suspension finely tuned allows your vehicle to drive smoothly over rough roads and potholes. Our #FormulaHonda service technicians are available to check your suspension for regular care and keep your vehicle in better shape, as well as the quality of your ride.


When you think of suspension, it can vary from person to person. Generally it is referred to as the tires and the underlying support structure of the car. They work together to let you make turns and traverse rough terrain without harming the vehicle’s fragile parts above. It is most useful when you swerve out of an emergency situation quickly without harming yourself or others. The suspension also works to compensate for additional weight to keep your ride as smooth as possible.


In order to maintain a good suspension, you should take your vehicle in for a regular maintenance check whenever it is deemed necessary. Keeping your tires properly inflated is also a great way to protect your suspension, as an under or overinflated tire can be damaged more easily and lower gas mileage. An important habit is to get the wheels aligned every 30,000 miles so it reduces strain on your vehicle and keep it working efficiently. Avoiding wheel alignments at their proper intervals could lead to correcting a suspension, which is expensive.


Formula Honda’s certified technicians invite you to bring your car in for a regular maintenance check or for major repairs. Our service staff is constantly trained to keep up with the latest Honda models and repair trends. With access to all of the best Honda service parts, we will get your vehicle back on the road as good as new. For more information on our Toronto Honda dealership, visit our website at