Honda has always carried a reputation of being environmentally aware. This trend has continued with the Honda Clarity. Over the next few weeks, Honda will launch tis vehicle to put themselves back in the forefront of the auto industry’s environmental technology and alternative energy leaders.


This resurgence starts with the Accord-sized Clarity sedan that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Two other versions of the Clarity will debut at the New York Auto Show in April, an electric car that goes 80 miles on a charge and a plug-in hybrid with a 40-mile battery range and longer range on gasoline.


The Clarity is an easy-to-drive five-seater, featuring a range of 366 miles on a tank of hydrogen thanks to its high-pressure storage of hydrogen gas that can refuel in 3-5 minutes. The refueling time is much less than battery-electric cars. Fuel cells are able to generate quickly by combining hydrogen from their tank with atmospheric oxygen. The only exhaust that results from this is an invisible flow of steam that’s vented below the vehicle.


The interior of the Clarity is roomy and highly detailed, with soft materials and advanced features included. The fuel cell creates electricity nearly soundlessly and the car is immediately ready to be used a few seconds after the start button is pushed.


The electric motor produces 174 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque with the ability to accelerate confidently. Like any good midsize sedan, the steering is well refined and direct. The body is engineered for flexibility, as the electric motor and fuel cell fit under the hood.


With this promising step towards a cleaner and more efficient car is promising for all of North America. It is one more step towards the future of a vehicle that can label itself an environmental hero.


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