One of the most important habits to pick up during winter, especially one that features snow, is to constantly keep your vehicle cleaned. Why you ask? Because salt and road de-icing products get kicked up into the undercarriage of your vehicle from your tires and cause salt corrosion.


A new AAA Automotive Engineering study reports that salt chemicals that are used to treat roads during winter storms cause up to $3 billion in vehicle rust damage every year. This report also states that in the last five years, 22 million U.S. drivers have had rust damage to their cars because of salt and liquid de-icers. The average cost to repair these issues are almost $500 per occurrence.


Fran Makyo, spokesman for AAA Northeast says, “Many state and municipal transportation departments have shifted from using traditional rock salt to liquid de-icers because they have lower freezing points and melt ice faster. Unfortunately, these same chemical characteristics can damage vehicles because they remain liquefied longer and are likely to coat a car’s underside components.”


It is more important now than ever to constantly be aware of these liquid de-icers and to keep your car as clean as possible.  The biggest issue that you may not notice is the corrosion of brake lines and the bottom frames of vehicles. A new brake line replacement can run from $200-$700, depending on how many lines need to be replaced.


Keeping your vehicle cleaned during winter weather will loosen, dissolve and neutralize road salts that are on your vehicle. The reason your city may have switched from road salts to a de-icing mixture is because it costs less and is more efficient.


As the winter wraps up in the coming months, be sure that your car is clean and check for rust and corrosion on the bottom of your vehicle. If you happen to find damage, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle into our #FormulaHondaOntario service shop. Our certified technicians have all of the Honda service parts available to repair your vehicle, no matter what the issue. As the premier Toronto Honda dealer, we take pride in taking care of our customers and vehicles. For more information, visit our website at