One of the last things you want to see when driving your car is an illuminated check engine light staring at you. It’s an aggravating sight and adds to your to-do list—and it’s one that you are reluctant to take care of. Another issue is diagnosing exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. That’s what Formula Honda is for and we encourage you to bring your vehicle into our service department to be looked at. Our highly trained technicians can run diagnostics to figure out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and what steps you should take to prevent further issues after we fix it. Here are our top 5 reasons your check engine light has turned on:


Loose-Fitting Gas Cap

One of the most forgettable things you do with your vehicle is pump gas. It gets so monotonous and routine that you can make silly mistakes without realizing it, such as not putting your gas cap on properly. If you don’t tighten the gas cap, vapors from the fuel can leak out and then make your engine light turn on. When you check your cap and tighten it securely, it still may not turn the light off. That’s where our service department steps in as we can reset your vehicle’s computer codes.


Oxygen Sensor

Another issue that can make your engine light turn on is if the oxygen sensor is faulty. This is extremely important to replace because if you don’t you can damage your vehicle’s catalytic converter. Avoiding the costly repair is critical for your wallet, so bring your vehicle into our service department so we can run diagnostics. If we detect a faulty oxygen sensor, our service technicians can replace it and reset your codes.


Spark Plugs

Spark plugs should be replaced every 25,000 miles to prevent eventual failure. If you fail to do that then your check engine light may come on. Running diagnostics is a strategy to see if the spark plugs are causing your check engine light to be on. We will gladly replace your spark plugs and reset your vehicle’s computer codes if that is the issue.


Mass Airflow Sensor

In the event of a mass airflow sensor failure, the check engine light will light up. This is caused by not replacing your vehicle’s air filter. If you continue to run your vehicle with a faulty air filter it will lead to issues later on down the road. You will start to notice lower gas mileage, more emissions and, in some cases, stalling. Making a smart decision to bring your vehicle to our service department will do wonders for your vehicle’s lifespan. If indeed you need the mass airflow sensor replaced, our team will gladly service your vehicle.


Catalytic Converter

The absolute worst case scenario for the check engine light is if there is a failure of your catalytic converter. We would diagnose this issue by running diagnostics and finding specific code. If it needs replacing, the best place to do that is at #FormulaHondaOntario. Our service department will have your vehicle running like brand new.


So when you see your check engine light turn on, don’t ignore it. Make an appointment with Formula Honda online at immediately or give us a call to schedule one. Our Toronto Honda dealership is known for its highly trained and personable staff who have access to the best Honda service parts available. We are looking forward to fixing your vehicle if you ever have any issues and will make sure you understand how to keep your vehicle out of the shop in the future to keep you happy.