For those who want to make their vehicle last as long as possible, making sure to flush the power steering fluid is very important. At #FormulaHondaOntario, our service technicians are highly trained and up to date on all of the latest trends and issues with Honda vehicles so that your vehicle is treated right every time. Changing the power steering fluid is generally recommended to be done every three to four years, however it is a checkup that most do not consider.


Why Do I Need To Flush My Power Steering Fluid?

That may be one of the first things you thought of. Your vehicle’s power steering hydraulic system contains the power steering pump, pistons, valves, seals and hoses. As you know, the power steering hydraulic system decreases the effort it takes for you to steer your vehicle. Over time, the power steering fluid stands at risk of becoming contaminated and then seals begin to leak, the pressure drops and the pump may stop working altogether. If this happens then the power steering system can lose its hydraulic pressure. This is why you need to regularly check the power steering fluid and if you don’t know where it is located, read your Honda Owner’s Manual.


When Do I Flush The Power Steering Fluid?

Another good question. When you’re checking your power steering fluid, if it’s significantly lower than normal or a brown/black color, it’s a sign to have it checked out. If you hear strange noises coming from the vehicle’s power steering system or having trouble steering, you should make a service appointment immediately with Formula Honda. Our service department will also check the hoses and pumps to identify any leaks or other issues. This is important because power steering fluid is the most flammable fluid in any vehicle.


So with this in mind, please check your power steering fluid and if you have any issues or further questions, please come visit our service department. Formula Honda is equipped with all the Honda service parts available and the Toronto Honda dealership is always looking to help our loyal customers. For more information, visit our website at