At Formula Honda, our service team is always prepared to tend to your vehicle no matter the situation. With a constantly trained staff, we are up to date on the latest trends and issues that Honda vehicles are associated with. You should never be hesitant to get your car serviced here and our special offers make it an even easier decision for you. Here is a list of the service specials available on our website.


Brake Fluid Flush Special

In February only, you can save $24 with our brake fluid flush special. Getting this service ensures that your brake system is working properly and increases the lifespan of your brake system. It is only $88 plus tax to get this taken care of.


Premium Detailing Package

If your car needs a good rinse and shampoo after the heavy winter, then our premium detailing package will save you $50. This brings the price down to $168.88 and with a professional detail from our trained staff, your car will be looking better than when it rolled out of the factory line.


Coolant Replacement Special

With your engine working overdrive, your engine can be prone to overheating. Our coolant replacement special helps you avoid that issue, saving you $30 to bring the cost down to $73.88.


Timing Belt Special

Save $100 with this special by changing your timing belt. The timing belt synchronizes the interaction between major engine components to ensure everything runs smoothly. Over time, the timing belt becomes worn and cracked which leads to vehicle breakdown and major engine repairs.


4 Wheel Alignment Special

Getting an alignment will lead to saved gas, increased tire life, preventing uneven tire wear patterns, optimal tire performance and reducing maintenance cost. This coupon will save you $20 and bring the cost of alignment down to $79.88.

Every month you’ll find great specials one service at #FormulaHonda.  Combined with our excellent service staff, you should not hesitate to get your vehicle tended to. We make it our goal to treat your car like it is one of our own and we will do everything in our power to make sure your car lasts as long as possible on the road and not back in the repair shop. For more information, visit our website at to see our Honda events and Honda special offers.