A consistent staple in almost everyone’s diet is pizza and Toronto is not lacking at all in that department. It is the preferred party food and provides the convenient and communal experience that other dishes don’t provide. However, restaurants have caught onto that and now there is an oversaturation of pizza places to choose from. In this article, our #FormulaHondaFamily will guide you to the best pizza spots in town.


Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

The traditional Neapolitan-certified pizza has been taken to the national level in Canada, offering varieties from classics to “new world.” With approximately 40 toppings such as pork meatballs, white truffle oil and oyster mushrooms, you can create the perfect pizza for your appetite.


Pizzeria Defina

Roksolana Curkowskyj, the owner of Pizzeria Defina, has been trained by New York’s Roberto Caporuscio (the genius behind the popular Keste Pizza & Vino). With that training, Roberto has crafted a creative menu that allows different cuisines and cultures. Their wood-burning oven was handcrafted by a local masonry artisan and is one of the many reasons this restaurant has become so well known. Weekly specials and an upstairs space for large parties make it a great spot to visit.


Magic Oven

A franchise that has been around for 20 years is doing something right. Although their pies can be more expensive, they offer the best healthy toppings, with options for gluten-free or organic spelt crust, local seasonal vegetables and organic mozzarella.


Pizzeria Via Mercanti

For a true Italian experience, owner Romolo Salvati (formerly of Queen Margherita Pizza) and staff are mostly from Italy. They speak in Italian and use traditional ingredients to create a tasty pie.


With these selections of pizza restaurants, you should have a firm grasp on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Our staff hopes you get around Toronto to experience a truly underrated restaurant scene. To find out more about Formula Honda, visit our website at to see our Honda events and Honda special offers.