There is a new partnership in town, as General Motors and Honda are setting up a new plant in Michigan to mass produce next-generation fuel-cell technology that both companies plan to use in upcoming products. At Formula Honda, this is exciting news.


Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (FCV) are an alternative to battery-cars, as they are considered to be a serious alternative for an industry looking to slash emissions and raise energy efficiency.


While most major automakers have launched projects to create clean, hydrogen-powered vehicles, this new joint venture features the two of the most experienced manufacturers. GM engineered the world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in the 1960s, borrowing technology from the Apollo moon mission. On the flip side, Honda was the first automaker to offer FCV on the retail market, offering a limited number of Clarity FCX models for lease in the Southern California in the early decade.


Honda and GM established a fuel-cell research program in 2013 under that explanation that “This foundation of outstanding teamwork will now take us to the stage of joint mass production” according to North American Honda president Toshiaki Mikoshiba.


FCVs replace conventional internal combustion engines with a system called a “stack.” Oxygen from the atmosphere is combined with hydrogen – which can be liquid or a compressed gas. The process creates a flow of energy that can be used to power the same motor drive system found in an electric vehicle.


Honda, our parent company, has expressed that they are committed to using the new fuel cell system in upcoming products. Part of the company’s plan is to have two-thirds of its vehicles powered by some form of zero-emission technology by 2030.


At #FormulaHondaOntario we are happy to get on board with zero-emissions technology. We all believe that we should do the best we can to take care of our planet. For more information, visit us at to see our Honda events and Honda special offers. You can also view our entire inventory of new and preowned vehicles there, and make a service appointment.  We want to be your dealership!