A big suggestion from the #FormulaHondaFamily for visiting Toronto is seeing the CN Tower. It is easily the tallest and most defining landmark in the whole city. Photos that you see online are often taken from the building, which stretches more than 550 metres in the sky.

Over time, the CN Tower has become a major tourist destination, while also serving as a hub for telecommunications across the city. You can test your bravery by walking across the glass floor that is 113 stories above the ground. As the first of its kind, the glass floor gives you the experience of walking on air, with only 2.5 inches separating you from the feeling of floating to the feeling of falling. There is no need to worry, as the glass is stronger than most commercial floors and has the strength to hold 38,556 kg (85,000 lbs). You can even travel higher up to the Sky Pod, which is another 33 stories up.

The CN Tower has a revolving 360 restaurant that offers an award-winning wine list and a fantastic view of the city. An upscale bistro called Horizons seats 130 and features a dance floor. For those wary of heights, the Far Coast Cafe is a fully licensed fresh market cafe that serves a variety of international foods and there is also plenty of shopping at the base of the tower. Shops feature a 10,000 square foot marketplace for unique Canadian souvenirs.


The most recent feature is the EdgeWalk, the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk. It’s also one of the favorites among our Formula Honda service experts. Visitors are attached through safety rails and harnesses to walk along the Tower’s ledge, 116 stories above ground. This experience provides visitors with raw, breathtaking views of Toronto. It is open from the beginning of spring up to fall.


With these suggestions from the team at Formula Honda, you’ll have a great day here in the city of Toronto. The CN Tower is a can’t miss spot for your planning while being in the city. If you’d like to know more about us, visit us at to see our team, Honda events and Honda special offers.