The #FormulaHonda team loves to help our customers in any way we can. When it comes to service, we train our employees on a regular basis to keep them knowledgeable about any and all issues with Hondas. That’s why our services are the best you’ll find in the Toronto area. In this article, we are going to cover why a defroster is so important, and how it works.

The Defroster’s Purpose

On your windshield, the defroster’s job is to remove frost, ice and condensation so that you can see clearly. It is also possible to have a rear window defroster, as well as side-mirror defrosters. Modern vehicles all come with a windshield defroster equipped.

How Condensation Forms

Condensation forms on your vehicle when the temperature outside the vehicle is colder than the temperature inside the vehicle. During winter, when temperatures get really low, this condensation is typically frost or ice.

How A Defroster Works

So how does the defroster work its magic? Vents are aimed at the windshield to direct warm air towards its. In newer models, there are side vents in the dashboard for the side windows. The hot air comes from the same fan and blower motor as the heater and air conditioner system to circulate the air towards the windows. As the windshield heats up from the air, the condensation on the outside melts. Rear window defrosters operate from electric wiring, which in turn heats up the window.

Formula Honda Maintenance

Something you may not know—the defroster depends on the coolant, thermostat, heating system and blower fan. With that in mind, be sure to check on all of these systems by bringing your vehicle into our shop for a quick checkup. It will be well worth it to find out about that now, rather than when you need the defroster on the road. Our service technicians are properly trained to make sure that your defroster is running reliably for the foreseeable future. For more information, visit us at to see our Honda events and Honda special offers. We look forward to serving you!