It’s important to cover all of the bases when you drive your new or used vehicle off of our #FormulaHondaOntario lot. One of the most important things to cover is to protect yourself and your vehicle from the unexpected circumstances that can arise.

If you have never owned a vehicle, then before you even get into your first car, you must have insurance in place. This includes all new and used vehicles, no matter what make and year. If you have already owned a vehicle and will replace that vehicle with another, some insurance companies will allow you 7 to 30 days to notify them. It’s always a good idea to contact your insurance and find out exactly what steps you need to take to remain covered.

You should do some insurance homework before you shop for a vehicle. First, talk to your insurance company if you have one. Let them know the type of vehicle you are thinking about purchasing. Ask them what information they need to notify them of the purchase and any other important processing to ensure your vehicle will be covered.

If this will be your first vehicle, you should contact different insurance companies to do some price and coverage comparisons. This will help you gauge how your budget will be affected.

Visit our Formula Honda dealership and talk with our expert Sales Team. We will help you find the perfect match for your needs and your budget. We will give you all the information you need about the vehicle so you can share it with your insurance company to get an accurate estimate of the insurance cost.

One way to get a discount on your insurance rate is through the safety features of your vehicle. Our staff will tell you about the features of your favorite vehicle that may qualify for a discount. Just like shopping for a vehicle, we encourage you to shop for insurance, as well. Find the best rates and coverage that will protect you and your vehicle and fit your needs.

With all of this information, you’ll be prepared to come visit our #FormulaHondaFamily and move forward with your vehicle purchasing process. We will share and help with any information that you need to get you in the car you really want. For more information, visit our website at to see Honda events and Honda special offers. We look forward to serving you!