Living in Toronto means you are in the “Snow Belt” and a few inches of snowfall is nothing compared to what is possible. In this article we are going to go over why Formula Honda believes having snow tires is important and luckily we offer service to get your vehicle prepared for the winter ahead.

Do you drive a vehicle that’s all-wheel-drive, has all-season tires on the front-wheel-drive sedan, or you think that stability control of your rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan will keep you safe? While these features may provide a peace of mind to you, the bottom line is that anyone who regularly drives in snowy, icy winter weather can reap the benefits from snow tires. So what does modern snow tires have to offer?

Special Rubber And Design

Winter tires are made of a rubber that does not lose its flexibility below 0 degrees. This is key because the rubber compound in a winter tire has to move and flex for the special tread design to effectively clear the road surface of snow, ice, water and slush, as well as gain traction through muck. This sort of rubber is only seen in winter and all-season tires and the tread design is also different. This matters because they can self-clean; channeling water out from the tire’s footprint while simultaneously grinding through the ice for better traction. This is utilized by designing the tread pattern to move as the tire rolls. The rubber compound allows flexing, while “siping” is used on snow treads. Siping is a semi-segmenting of each tread lug to make it flexible and malleable while the tire rolls down the road.

Purchasing The Right Winter Tires

#FormulaHondaOntario offers Honda’s lowest price guarantee on winter tires, making us the winter tire source in the Greater Toronto Area. Search our website for Honda events and Honda special offers for winter tires at We look forward to servicing your car with the right tires!