There are plenty of vans that fit your family’s basic needs on the market, however some of the smaller details may not match up. If you’re looking to go above a basic trim for a van, then the 2017 Honda Odyssey SE packs the right punch for a fair price. From lowest to highest, the trims go LX, EX, SE, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite and we carry all of these models at #FormulaHonda.

When you have a long trip ahead in a full van, it can prove to be difficult keeping everyone busy. Thankfully, the Odyssey SE delivers, as there is a HondaVAC built-in vacuum, Honda Rear Entertainment System (RES) with wireless headsets, 115-volt power outlet and Sirius XM radio. These features are perfect for keeping care of your car and keeping passengers entertained. The built-in vacuum allows you to keep the interior clean at all times and saves you money at the car wash. Instead of letting crumbs or sticky food get settled into the carpet, you can immediately clean it with the easy-to-use vacuum.

For the back seat passengers who can get notoriously unsettled during long car rides, the entertainment system keeps them constantly engaged. The ability to play movies with wireless headsets allows them to have such a good viewing experience that they’ll forget they are in the car! For those with tablets and smartphones, the 115-volt power outlet comes in handy to keep those devices charged and running smoothly. Lastly, for the front seat passengers, Sirius XM radio is available for your audio needs. Whether you’re listening to music with the family or catching up on the latest scores from the game, you’ll be constantly entertained and informed with all of the channels that Sirius XM offers.

These features make a strong case for the 2017 Honda Odyssey SE as your next family vehicle. The premium features that come with this trim set it over the top, and it comes with a fair price tag. To see more Honda events and Honda special offers, visit our website at