Honda is making big strides year in and year out with their innovative ideas and product lines. 2017 is no different as they introduce the Honda Clarity to the public. It looks like a spaceship at first, however still pulling off a look that isn’t too bizarre. In this article we are going to go over the features that make this vehicle stand out.

What if a car was a bird? Specifically a bird with its wings by its side? That’s what the Honda designers were inspired by, they crafted a streamlined shape that manages airflow for a unique aerodynamic profile. The Clarity combines ultra-high strength steel with aluminum body panels to let you go farther on each tank of gas. A laser roof brazing develops a synchronization with the roof and side panels so well that exterior molding isn’t even necessary. This equals a quieter cabin and improved aerodynamics. The tires were specifically designed with low rolling resistance to complement light, aerodynamic wheels that funnel passing air inside to keep the brakes from overheating.

Inside, the Clarity Fuel Cell strikes a balance between convenience and information for a comfortable experience. An easy to read cluster gives you instant feedback, while providing options to encourage efficient driving. There is even a head-up display system that shows the driver information on the windshield without being intrusive. With enough room to seat five, all passengers will be comfortable in the finely-detailed stitching on the premium soft-touch material. For rear passengers, there are smartphone pockets to keep your devices connected and entertained at all times. This space was engineered with cargo in mind as well, as the trunk can fit several bags of luggage.

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