One of the most interesting vehicles that Honda is bringing back is the Hatchback. Known for its flexibility of cargo and performance, the hatchback has a niche market. However, the average car driver should definitely give this a look. The Honda brand design and reliability makes the car a great addition to your garage.

The exterior starts with strong LED daytime running lights to let onlookers and oncoming traffic a preview of what is to come. With a black grille, black mesh fascia inserts and sharp angles across the body of the vehicle, the Hatchback looks good no matter where you are seeing it from. The rear sports two bright C-shaped LED taillight designs that accents the sloped back end and gives traffic behind you a unique look. A power moonroof is a staple of the Hatchback and gives you an additional view that fits perfectly on the vehicle.

This sporty Hatchback features two color treatments on the interior: black and black/ivory two tone across different trim levels. An instrument panel that looks futuristic features a single-level display that’s easy to decipher so that you can keep your eyes on the road. This Hatchback makes a brake lever a thing of the past, replacing it with a Electric Parking Brake button that is easy to activate.

You can’t mention a Hatchback without flexibility. An enormous hatch opening and 60/40 split fold-down rear seats offer multiple configurations, allowing you to mold it to whatever cargo you have. An innovative reversible side-pull cargo cover makes easy to conceal valuable items to keep cargo out of sight. With enough room to fit five people, you can take this Hatchback out on an adventure with friends and family alike.

The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback is a vehicle that can fit anyone’s needs. Whether it’s looks, performance, or flexibility you want, the Hatchback offers an experience that lives up to its comeback. For more information, visit us at to see our Honda events and Honda special offers. We have a great inventory of Honda vehicles so feel free to come give us a visit. We look forward to serving you!