Recent news in the world of Honda is that Honda Motor Co. and Google Inc. want to work together on autonomous cars. Honda stated that it is in formal discussions with Waymo, who runs the self-driving car sector of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. These two forming a team is a big deal due to their name brands, location and potential.


If all goes according to plan the two would collaborate with Honda supplying vehicles with Waymo bringing its extraordinary sensors and software. These potential vehicles would then join four Waymo tests happening in California, Texas, Washington and Arizona. These locations are where the Waymos are being safely tested out of harm’s way. The engineering teams in Silicon Valley and Tochigi, Japan are also going to work with the Waymo teams in Mountain View and Novi, Michigan. Two talented teams working together could lead to major breakthroughs.


Bloomberg Businessweek reported the cooperation would underscore that Waymo wants to develop the technology for self-driving cars rather than build vehicles. Waymo is also very eager to work with more car companies as it prepares for commercialization. Waymo is truly interested in pushing the envelope with their technology as far as they can go.


Michelle Krebs, an analyst at Cox Automotive’s said, “For companies like Apple and Google, it makes more sense to supply the technology than to get into the car business, which is capital intensive and highly regulated. It makes sense for them to provide their technology to companies that are already making cars.” With these two joining together, they are hoping to join the automobile movement that creeps ever closer to self driving technology.


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