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Give your car a checkup before you go “over the river and through the woods” to Grandmother’s house or wherever your holiday destination may be. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with your vehicle loaded with luggage and gear, or children plaintively asking, “Are we there yet?”  At least a week prior to departure, use this 10-step checklist to make your trip worry-free:


  1. Engine oil: Check the levels, and add oil if necessary or schedule an oil filter change.


  1. Tires: Check the tire pressure and add air if the pressure is low.  Replace worn or bald tires before you leave for a trip.  Consider snow tires if you anticipate icy road conditions.


  1. Alignment: If your car is pulling to the right or left while driving, your car is out of alignment.  Call our Service department and we can easily fix this problem for you.


  1. Transmission fluid: Check your fluid levels and make sure it is filled up to the line.


  1. Hoses: Inspect your radiator hoses to make sure they are free of  cracks or leaks.  Any problem hoses should be patched or replaced.


  1. Belts: Often overlooked, belts are critical.  Make sure your belts are in good working condition.  If in doubt, ask our Service department and we’ll be glad to check your belts for you.


  1. Battery: Check your battery for corrosion.  If you see any signs of corrosion, spray it with battery spray and wipe clean or use a wire brush to remove the corrosion.


  1. Brake fluid: Check the brake fluid and make sure it is up to the full mark.


  1. Antifreeze: If you haven’t already winterized your vehicle, now’s the time to check your antifreeze.  You may want to bring it to our Service department and have it flushed and new antifreeze added.


  1. Windshield wiper fluid: Check your windshield wiper reservoir and add more fluid if necessary to assure visibility.


Before you leave for a holiday road trip, make vehicle safety a top priority.  Contact our dedicated Service department at #FormulaHonda for assistance.  For all your automotive needs, visit our website at  Be sure to check out our Honda special offers and see why we’re highly ranked among Honda dealers in Toronto.





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