At #FormulaHonda, we always want you to be safe on the road.  In the winter, vehicles need special attention to insure they can function without any problems. As the winter months are approaching, it is a good idea to take your car to a local service department, like the one at Formula Honda, to make sure everything will run smoothly. Below are a few things that need to be checked to keep you and your car safe.


Checking the cooling system in your vehicle is very important, especially with the winter months rapidly approaching. The antifreeze in your car will protect your vehicle from the cold winter temperatures. Your Formula Honda service advisor will know the proper amount that your car will need. The coolant not only protects your engine from cold temperatures, but it also protects your cooling system from rusting. There are rust inhibitors in the coolant that will break down over time. The antifreeze will need to be replaced to insure the system with be protected from rust. Replacing the substance also removes dirt and rust particles that have been known to clog up the coolant system and cause issues.


Other maintenance items to have checked are your battery, charging system and belts. Your battery can easily leave you stranded if it is old or your charging system isn’t working properly. Batteries tend to lose power as the temperature decreases. You car will require more power to start the engine in the winter.


Many people often forget to check their tire pressure when the weather starts to get cold. It is important to always keep an eye on your tire pressure, especially in the winter. When it gets cold outside, the tire pressure tends to drop. Low tire pressure can jeopardize your vehicle’s handling and your safety. Most new vehicles have tire pressure monitors that will alert you whenever your tires are at a dangerous level. If your car does not have tire pressure monitors, it is wise to keep a tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment and monitor your tires.


These are just a few of the ways that you can prepare for the winter. If you need help with keeping your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly in any weather, visit us at Formula Honda. We have an incredible team that will help you with whatever you need. For more information about the services we offer, check out our website.





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