Honda has been working to upgrade their Honda Pilot. The midsize family vehicle got a huge upgrade for 2016. The third-generation vehicle has new features, safety technology and new styling. Crossovers have steadily become today’s family station wagons. The Pilot is one of the top vehicles in the class. #Honda has perfected building the perfect family vehicle, and the three-row, eight passenger vehicle proves that fact.


Honda worked hard to design the Pilot to be comfortable enough to drive around town and on long trips. The car is offered in several different trim levels to meet any lifestyle need. The car is offered at a reasonable price for what is offered. Honda has added new safety features that stand out. There are also two new automatic transmissions available. These replace the past generation’s five-speed. The two new transmissions include a six-speed automatic and a nine-speed automatic.


This new update Honda Pilot is a huge advancement for Honda. The new vehicle is sure to be a big hit with their loyal customers, as well as new buyers. If you are looking to purchase a new family vehicle, Honda has lots of great options like the Honda Pilot. Visit us at Formula Honda to check out all of the different choices we have to offer. For more information about what we currently have in stock, check out our website!