#Honda’s latest venture has been hydrogen powered vehicles. The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell was displayed nearly one year ago. It is a five-passenger electric sedan that is powered by a fuel cell. This fuel cell is a device that converts the energy found in hydrogen gas to create electricity. The styling of the car is unique and futuristic, but the interior is clearly Honda designed. The car has several safety and convenience features you would expect from a high end car. It is larger than its competition, the Toyota Mirai, so some customers may find it more appealing.


The Clarity Fuel Cell is an electric car, but the car’s range is limited by the size of the hydrogen tank. Honda expects the car to be rated with significantly more than 300 miles. The biggest challenge the vehicle faces is the availability of hydrogen fuel stations. Though the car can be filled much like a regular car, if it doesn’t have hydrogen fuel, it cannot run. Honda hopes hydrogen fuel stations will become more available in the future.


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