#Honda showed off their new electric 3D printed car this year at the consumer electronics show in Tokyo. The car is called the Micro Commuter and is battery powered. It was created to be a delivery car for Toshimaya, a Japanese cookie company. This vehicle isn’t Honda’s first car to be 3D printed. The company printed a series of toy-sized models last year to show the future of the company’s self driving technology.


To print the car, Honda used a special design and engineering software that allowed the car to be produced in two months. This was a huge savings compared to the traditional method used to build a prototype. Honda worked with Kabuku, a 3D-printing specialist, to build the vehicle. Honda said the development process was shortened and allowed them to produce an original vehicle with fewer costs.


The car’s electric chassis and drivetrain were nearly the only parts that weren’t 3D printed. Most of the car’s panels and design were designed from scratch to fit the hardware, like headlights. The car has a driving range of about 50 miles. It uses one large battery pack that has been built into the floor of the van.


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