Honda recently applied for a patent that experiments with applying augmented-reality to their vehicles. The patents explain how headup displays and technology will show pedestrians and cars that the driver wouldn’t be able to see without the technology. These new patents outline game-changing technology.


The first patent is specifically for pedestrian detection. Most new cars have pedestrian detection technology that alerts a driver if there is a potential collision and automatically brakes. This new patent from Honda expounds on that technology by seeing several pedestrians and displaying their locations on the head up display. The new technology would be able to detect pedestrians that otherwise be obstructed because they are in the driver’s blind spot or hidden from view.


The second patent from Honda suggests communication from vehicle to vehicle to keep track of vehicles in traffic. If the cars were connected with a communications system, the cars would send information to each other about distance between vehicles, as well as a warning if the driver of another car will brake suddenly.


It is unclear how soon we will see this kind of technology on the vehicles Honda has been producing, but these patents give us a glimpse at a potential future for Honda. If you are interested in purchasing a new Honda or just want to look at your options, visit us at Formula Honda. For more information about our current inventory, check out our website.