Over the past three decades, transmissions were usually limited to the four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. The number of gears has increased substantially in the past few years. Honda has recently created a patent for an 11-speed multi-clutch transmission. The transmission has 11 gears and three clutches, which is one more than the current standard for this kind of transmission. Honda filed the patent December of 2014, but only recently made it known.

Honda stated that they file many patents, but don’t include how the technologies will be used in their products. They are currently developing new technology that will be used in the near future, but don’t specify how it will be utilized. Car manufacturers are believed to be increasing the gears in their transmissions to improve fuel economy while keeping strong acceleration. Honda switched to a five-speed automatic transmission in their mainstream vehicles in 2012. Other car manufacturers are also moving toward updated transmissions. These transmissions must be fine tuned to smooth out rough edges.

As Honda creates this new technology, they continue to produce high quality, reliable vehicles. If you are interested in purchasing a new Honda, we hope you will make Formula Honda your dealership of choice. We have a terrific inventory for you to choose from. For more information about the vehicles we currently have in our inventory, visit our website!




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