Honda recently published a patent that would increase a driver’s field of vision. Drivers would be able to see pedestrians that they normally wouldn’t be able to see with the use of sensors and augmented reality. The patent explains that there would be sensors around the car that would detect pedestrians. After they were detected, they would show their location using an avatar on an augmented reality heads-up display that would be located on the windshield. The system would be active whenever a driver would approach an intersection. Honda hopes that this technology will give drivers a better sense of their surroundings.


Honda acknowledged that though heads-up displays have become more common on high-end vehicles, the information has been limited. The new displays that Honda intends to create would use an augmented reality rather than using two-dimensional animation. Honda’s patent shows that it won’t need to display all of the pedestrians around the vehicle, but only the pedestrians that are a certain distance away from the vehicle. This would limit the clutter on the head-up display.

This new technology would be a huge step for Honda, and it could significantly increase the safety of their vehicles. If you are interested in purchasing a new Honda, visit us at Formula Honda. For more information about our current inventory, check out our website.