The Honda Civic has been the number one selling car in Canada for the past 17 years. This car is reliable, fun to drive and is a great value. Honda hopes that the newly redesigned Honda Ridgeline will make a similar statement.

Pickups have always been popular in Canada because of their versatility. They can handle outdoor activities like fishing, camping, mountain biking and dirt biking much easier than a regular SUV. Towing a boat or a trailer is also easier with a great pickup truck.

The Ridgeline offers great features that Honda hopes will draw consumers. One of these innovative options is a waterproof storage area in the bed of the truck. The Ridgeline is the perfect vehicle to take anywhere. It was designed with families in mind and offers a spacious cabin with plenty of room. It’s perfect for anything you and your family want to do on the weekend.

If you are looking for a new midsize truck that’s designed with your family in mind, the Ridgeline deserves a look. The truck has everything you need for your next adventure. If you would like to look at this model or the other great choices Honda has to offer, visit us at Formula Honda. For more information about our current inventory, check our website!