Honda recently filed a patent with the Japan Patent Office for some new technology they have produced. This new machinery is a 11 speed transmission with three clutches. Many car manufacturers have been moving toward transmissions with multiple gears. Companies like Ford and General Motors are planning to release a 10-speed automatic transmission they developed together. Honda hopes to stay ahead of this new growing trend.

Honda believes this new system will affect torque removal that happens with most dual-clutches. This will increase driving capabilities, as well as increase the fuel economy of the vehicle. The current patent states that the transmission will allow adjustments in speed to be more controlled and the machine will respond better to these adjustments.

The patent has no details of what kind of Honda this transmission would be used for, but Honda is continuing to increase the efficiency of their vehicles. The new device will most likely end up in a fuel conscious model. Honda could be the first car manufacturer to have an 11-speed transmission available, although Ford applied for a patent in 2015.

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