Honda has joined with technology company, SoftBank, to create a new vehicle that uses artificial intelligence. This union supports Honda in its efforts to keep up with the latest automotive trend, building an autonomous vehicle.

Honda is due to open a research laboratory that is focused on artificial intelligence. SoftBank’s robotic division, Cocoro, will be assisting Honda with software to bring personality to its vehicles. This software will have the ability to empathize and form friendships with drivers. It is based on a technology that SoftBank has developed that allows technology to read human emotions.

Honda does not plan to have a physical robot in its future vehicles, but rather, technology that falls in line with software seen in popular films and television shows.

SoftBank and Honda will develop both software and hardware to give the vehicle the ability to understand situations. This will be done by using sensors and cameras, while software speaks with the driver. Technology that SoftBank has created in the past shows the potential this new technology may have. This idea stems from the notion of having an autonomous vehicle. The software will assist with the basic functions of the vehicle, making operation simple. The driver will be able to operate things like the radio and air conditioning with simple commands. This growing technology also opens new doors in the hands-free department. It will allow users to keep eyes on the road, rather than be distracted by the buttons, knobs, and touchscreens that control the most systems on vehicles.

With advances like these, Honda stays on the forefront of innovative technology. They continue to create the very best vehicles that keep the driver in mind. Check out the most recent models Honda has to offer at Formula Honda.