Honda has recently joined GM in a patent alliance with Google. More automotive companies have been joining technology companies to drive away people who buy patents for goods, but do not produce any products. These people threaten technology and automotive companies with legal action.

Honda is the most recent automotive manufacturer to join the License on Transfer Network. General Motors became a part of this network in July. Both automotive companies join brands like Hyundai, Ford and Uber.

The License on Transfer Network, a nonprofit that started as a Google initiative, launched in 2014. This organization ensures that members’ patents will not be used by someone to sue another member. Members still can sell patents and sue competitors in the network. This organization began with a few technology companies like Dropbox, but has since expanded to more than 70 members in several different industries.

The CEO of the License on Transfer Network recently expressed the belief that most large organizations are becoming technology based. This makes the companies more prone to legal attacks from individuals holding patents that are relevant to their work. Most legal actions come from patents that are related to Internet services.

Google continuously grows its influence in the world of intellectual property by running programs that periodically purchase patents and distributing patents to start-up companies. Google uses this method to defend themselves from unwanted legal battles. They do not wish to become a patent broker, but seek to guard themselves and other organizations from intellectual theft.

Honda’s membership to the License on Transfer Network shows its dedication to bring consumers original, innovative technology. Actions like this prove Honda is continuing to manufacture the very best vehicles. To view the latest cars Honda has to offer, visit Formula Honda.