There have been a lot of vehicles in the US automobile market that claim to be the perfect family vehicles. However, a difference of opinions has always existed. Honda has set out to settle the argument once and for all by launching the third generation of it Pilot.

Pilot 2016 marks the launch of the third generation of Pilot SUVs. The eight-passenger vehicle was launched in the United States last year with simply the most luxurious interior even seen on its predecessors. The only thing Honda took along from the second-gen models was the name. Other than that, the entire vehicle was redesigned to match the contemporary.

The SUV packs a massive 280 horsepower in a powerful V-6 nine-speed auto-transmission engine which gives it more than enough power to swiftly maneuver on the road. The best thing is that while inside, you can barely hear the noise from the outside, making the driving experience more peaceful for you and your family. The spacious interior features soft and sophisticated seats and a quite generous cargo area so that you don’t have to leave behind your desirables while going on a road trip. Furthermore, the SUV also features the famous one-touch folding mechanism which allows an easy access to the third row.

The exterior now features sleek purposeful lines all around the body. The smart aerodynamic look of the Pilot with LED accents and elegantly designed head and tail lights adds to the beauty of this vehicle. It is fair to say that this feature-packed elite drive is the perfect family car in the US—a claim not many would deny.

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